30 Mar 2017 12 : 37pm

Energoprojekt Energodata plc


Welcome to official internet presentation of the company Energoprojekt Energodata.


Thank you for your interest in what makes and presents our company. In few introductory words, we will proudly underline that we belong and institutionally operate within the Energoprojekt, which is for many years on the list of the world's largest engineering and construction companies.

After all, the picture speaks more than a thousand words…

EP Svet

 Energoprojekt’s presence in the world

During longstanding activities of constant development  and keeping pace with the activities of Energoprojekt around the world, Energodata has specialized in the development and application of information engineering for complex business systems. As one of the leaders in the area of information engineering for complex business systems, Energodata develops and delivers system solutions to big systems, financial institutions and public administration.


With the continuity of 50 years of existence and successful work,outstanding financial results, a well-known name in SerbianIT world,excellent references and an exquisite young team led by experts, Energodata is considered to be among the most successful ICT companies in the region.


Further information and all that you are interested in regarding our activities and opportunities, you can easily find on other pages of our website. If, for some reason, you do not succeed, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly answer all your questions.





Be with us. Your Energoprojekt Energodata!





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